Young Light Brown Alpaca Group of Alpaca located in Williamston Michigan Brown Alpaca from Peru

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Llamas and Alpacas is a book written by Sue Weaver that provides information on herding Llamas and Alpacas for either a hobby farm or profit.

Author Sue Weaver, a contributing editor of the Hobby Farms magazine has written on such topics for the Llamas and Alpacas book that include helpful tips on selecting the right Llama or Alpaca for your farm, How to build proper shelter for your Llama or Alpaca, Keeping your herd healthy, breeding and delivering healthy crias, and how to shear and sell llama and alpaca fiber for profit.

Inside the book include chapters on topics such as Why Llamas? Meet the Llama, Buying a Llama and bringing it home, Handling Llamas and Alpacas, Feeding Llamas and Alpacas, Housing Llamas and Alpacas, Llamas and Alpacas in Sickness and in Health, Breeding Llamas, more great Llama activities and Making money with Llamas and Alpacas.

Also includes a section on Llama maladies at a glance and a very helpful listing of informational resources and web sites pertaining to Alpacas and Llamas.

The Llamas and Alpacas Book is available for purchase at