Young Light Brown Alpaca Group of Alpaca located in Williamston Michigan Brown Alpaca from Peru

Alpaca Pictures and Alpaca Photos


Work at Home Moms can find great opportunities for earning a side income with Alpaca and their adorable faces and gentle manners.

Alpaca play an important part to the lives of the Andean people who rely on Alpaca for financial means and ecotourism.

For work at home moms who have a flair of artistic abilities, the possibilities of creating unique one of a kind Alpaca themed handmade crafts and artwork are endless. There are many Alpaca lovers around the World who would love to purchase Alpaca themed crafts and artwork not only for themselves, but also for gift giving to friends, family, co-workers and other loved ones.

Work at home moms who enjoy taking photography either as a hobby or as a full or part time profession can also take benefit of the photogenic beauty of Alpaca and baby Alpaca cria. Photos of Alpaca can be sold online as stock images to people around the World who need images for their web sites or print media needs. Alpaca photography taken by work at home moms can also be imprinted on a wide variety of items such as postcards, coffee mugs, t-shirts and many more items which in turn can be sold online by setting up an online store through a web site such as Zazzle.

The luxurious fiber of Alpaca is well known for its warmth, lightness and quality of being hypoallergenic. A wide variety of clothing items such as scarves, hats, sweaters and socks can be created with Alpaca fiber. Other items that can also be made from Alpaca fiber include blankets and throws. Work at home moms who have experience in creating clothing items with regular wool should give Alpaca fiber a try for their next knitting project as there is great potential for selling Alpaca made clothing items and related goods both online and in stores.

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