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Alpaca Opoly is a board game that is both educational and fun to play. Players travel around the game board and will have opportunities to purchase Alpacas, land, farm equipment and other necessities needed to start their own successful Alpaca farm.

Players should attempt to land on the Free Grazing spot to gain some extra green. Beware of the manure pile, where you could be stuck for up to 3 turns. Land on a kush or pronk space and you could increase your cash flow with stud fees or show premiums, or you could be shelling out those hard-earned dollars to the feed store or shearer. Players can increase the value of their Alpaca farm by adding lush parcels of green acres to their purchases, which can be converted into sturdy barns to house their herd.

For 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up, fun for the entire family! The Alpaca Opoly Board Game is made proudly in the USA by Clark Summit Alpacas Farm which is based out of Deering New Hampshire.

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