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We have available for sale, the Autumn 2005 back issue edition of the Alpacas Magazine. This Autumn 2005 issue of the Alpacas Magazine has been previously read, but is in good and complete condition. If you are interested in purchasing this magazine, please be sure to contact us.

Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2005 Front Cover
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2005 Back Cover
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2005 For Sale


Cameldynamics: My Alpaca Kicks - An Exercise in Deductive Reasoning
My alpaca kicks... what do I do? Learn answers to this and other vexing questions through deductive reasoning. Cut down on those nasty shin-bruises with these reasoned responses.

Avoiding Mistakes: IgG Testing
Newborn crias rely on their dam's colostrum to obtain antibiotics to fight infections. One of the most critical tests a breeder can conduct is an "IgG test." Learn the step-by-step process.

Husbandry Hints: Automatic Gate Openers
Most ranchers do not like to stop to open and close a gate each time they enter of leave their property. Automatic gate openers eliminate the hassle of manually opening and closing a gate.

Hot Tips: Is Your Business Card Pulling Its Own Weight?
Follow these eight steps to develop a more effective business card that gets you noticed - and brings more business to you. This article will help you steer clear of mistakes and set you up for success.

Taking Care of Business: Getting Ready for the Fall and Holiday Sales Season
The combination of a season that emphasizes gift giving and cold weather creates a wonderful sales boom for alpaca retailers. However, you must plan ahead or you'll be left behind.

Using E-Commerce to Sell Alpaca Products
People shop using the Internet because it's convenient and easy. saves time, is cost-effective, and can be done anytime, anywhere. You, too, can tap into this potentially luvrative market to sell alpaca products.

Pedigree Productivity
After all the usual research that most alpaca breeders do, what do we really know about a pedigree's true quality and productivity? Points to ponder as you plan next year's breeding schedule.

An Introduction to Showing Alpacas
You think you have some quality alpacas? One way to find out is to take them into the show ring. There is lot of preparation that goes into showing your alpacas. Here are a few pointers.

Composting: Turning Beans Into Gold
In typical witty style, animal scientist Dr. Steve Hull answers all your questions about how to create an efficient composting pile. Learn a new meaning for the phrase "making lasagna."

Red Maple Leaf Toxicity
Commonly found growing wild in the northeastern part of the United States and throughout Canada, red maple has an insidious characteristic that alpaca owners need to be aware of.

Uterine Torsions and Cesarian Sections
Although rare in alpacas, dystocias do occur, especially uterine torsions and malpositioned limbs. Here's a field guide to help you know what to do if you encounter such a situation.

Left-Handed Knitting
Attention Southpaws! Ever get frustrated trying to learn knitting from a right-handed instructor? Try these helpful hints designed with the leftie in mind.

Fiber FAQS: Yarn Basics
Do you know your weft from your warp? If you have a ranch store that includes alpaca yarn, there's a whole lexicon of terms you need to know, to boost your knowledge and increase your sales.

Weaving Wisdom: "American Throw" Double-Weave Throws and Blankets
Warm, soft double weave throws and blankets with a patriotic theme are featured in this column. American readers will especially delight in the red, white and blue color scheme.

Fiber Techniques: The Mystique of Handspindles
An ancient tool developed about the same time as the knife and axe, the drop spindle is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Get to know this simple tool and understand its importance.

Tailgate Party
A walk through the parking lot in Sandy, Utah during the AOBA conference showed some pretty inventive license plates. What a clever marketing idea! See which one is your favorite.

Crimp versus Crinkle
For those still interested in whether or not crimp is an important factor in alpaca fiber, here's one more disquisition for your consideration.