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We have available for sale, the Autumn 2006 back issue edition of the Alpacas Magazine. This Autumn 2006 issue of the Alpacas Magazine has been previously read, but is in good and complete condition. If you are interested in purchasing this magazine, please be sure to contact us.

Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2006 Front Cover
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2006 Back Cover
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2006 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2006 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2006 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Autumn 2006 For Sale


Husbandry Hints: Alpaca Barns, Pens, and Pastures
Good farm layout and planning can make a world of difference in running a smooth ranching operation. Learn why site location, general layout, interior features, and incorporation of chutes and scales is so crucial.

Camelidynamics: Teaching Your Alpaca NOT to Pick Up His Feet! (Part 2 of 2)
It sounds counter-intuitive, but alpaca owners really do need to teach their alpacas NOT to pick up their feet. Read this engaging explanation and you'll have a much easier go of it, when it comes time to trim toenails.

Let Your Tagline Do The Talking
Taglines speak legions about your business. Here are some hints on how to make your tagline memorable.

Taking Care of Business: Give and Take - The Alpaca Sales Process
Ever considered what your sales contract should contain? Here are some major considerations to make the process easier for both buyer and seller.

101 Secrets and Helpful Hints of New England Alpaca Farmers
This installment includes some gems, like: "How to Sort and Store Fiber," "How to Offset Farm Costs," and "How to Speak to your Alpacas." New England Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association Members

Alpacas and the Family Farm Dog
For many Alpaca owners, a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) is an essential component of predator deterrence. Your choice of canines can mean the difference between life and death - for your alpacas that is.

Geldings: Good for What?
Ok, admit. Alpaca breeders experience a letdown whenever a male cria is born. However, geldings can be a valuable resource in today's alpaca market. Here are fresh ideas on turning liabilities into assets.

Accurate Home Weather Forecasting for Alpaca Ranchers
Frustrated by inaccurate forecasts coming from the big city television weathermen? With a little knowledge and practice, you can generate your own up to the minute, custom prognostications.

Never Give Up
Dogged determination and ingenuity prevented a livestock tragedy from turning into a double loss. As you read this story, ask yourself: "what would I (we) do if confronted by the same circumstances?

You're Never Too Old for Alpacas
At a atime when many of their contemporaries are leading sedentary lives as retirees or "snow birds," these energetic seniors are following their dreams - as alpaca owners!

Vitamin D: Yes, No, Maybe?
When it comes to Vitamin D, there is a wide range of opinions regarding if and when it is appropriate to administer. Unfortunately, either too little or too much can have major - even fatal implications. A must read for all owners.

Fatty Liver Disease Responds to Alternative Medicine
At wit's end when traditional medicine was ineffective in treating a very sick alpaca, this owner turned to alternative medicine for help. Sceptics take note: the results may surprise you.

The Unabridged Alpaca
Meet Aluino and Sammy, ficitional characters in a charming children's story that incorporates alpaca "fact-oids" into the storyline. With enchanting illustrations by Nina Whyte, this is a great story to read aloud.

Weavers Wisdom Woven Felted Vests
Felting is one of the oldest and most versatile of the fiber arts. Here's an interesting twist on this old tradition: WOVEN, felted fabric. Hint: felted vests are great for embellishing!

Alpaca Cria Growth and Birth Weights in the Northeastern US
This UMass-Amherst study indicates good management practices result in the most successful fertility rates for dams and weight gain for crias.

ARF Investigation Profile: Dr. Daniela Benedice, Researcher of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in Alpacas
EEE is an emerging blood borne, fatal central nervous system disease. Read about the disease itself, as well as one of the key researchers who is finding ways to combat it.