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We have available for sale, the Spring 2005 back issue edition of the Alpacas Magazine. This Spring 2005 issue of the Alpacas Magazine has been previously read, but is in good and complete condition. The front cover has a little rough spot on the lower left hand corner, and on the lower right hand corner is a slight crease. If you are interested in purchasing this magazine, please be sure to contact us.

Alpacas Magazine Spring 2005 Front Cover
Alpacas Magazine Spring 2005 Back Cover
Alpacas Magazine Spring 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Spring 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Spring 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Spring 2005 For Sale


The Global Alpaca Community
Catch up on Alpaca related news from Peru

ARF Profile: Emilie Campbell, PhD
Geneticist investigate the interesting premise that Alpacas really only come in two colors: black and red. How can this be? Read this article to find out.

Husbandry Hints: Changing Tires
Flat tire on your trailer? No Sweat! Step by step instructions to recover quickly and safely.

Camlidynamics: Go Take A Hike, Part 2
Teaching an Alpaca to lead is not as daunting a task as it may at first seem.

Selling Products at Off Ranch Venues
Alpaca products are very popular at arts and crafts shows and farmers' markets - follow these savvy hints for successful off-ranch sales.

Taking Care of Business: Resolving Business Problems
Even the best of contracts will not cover everything that can happen in a Business relationship. Conflict resolution skills can help.

Marketing Mix: Selling Non herd Sires
How can you market males as fiber producers, companion animals, public relations, and other uses? Read these creative and helpful ideas.

Tax Tips: Section 179 Extension
For U.S. Alpaca owners, there's great news in the new tax laws. This is a must read!

Labor Saving Farm Gadgets: Helpful Hints for Trailer Travel
Improve the utility of your travel trailer, as well as the safety and comfort of its precious cargo.

AOBA Summer Conference Update
Time once again for the greatest Alpaca show on Earth: the AOBA National Conference. It's not what you think - time to dispel some myths!

To Show or Not To Show
For many, competing in the ring is a passion. Not to show is an equally valid choice.

Puttin' on the Ritz: Producing a Successful Alpaca Fashion Show
Behind the glamour and pageantry is exhaustive planning, timing, and creativity. Parade the catwalk in this behind the scenes expose.

Exposures: Capturing Alpaca Emotions Through Photography
From elation to resignation, Alpacas express a wide range of emotions. In this photo essay, see how these amazing creatures communicate.

Managing Your Breeding Program Smartly, Part 2
Should I buy a herd sire, or would it be better to contract out?

When I Sit and Knit, Opinions Flow
One sure way to elicit conversations from perfect strangers is to get out the knitting needles. What a great chance to talk about Alpacas!

Saving Sierra
A cria with muscular problems struggles to survive. See how efforts of the owners saved its life.

Livestock Insurance
For many, livestock insurance is an enigma. Here's a primer clarifying some misconceptions.

Geldings With a Cause: Kids Helping Animals, Animals Helping Kids
In this inspiring story, learn how Alpaca geldings are proving their worth in teaching respect and responsibility to at risk youth.

Benefit Auction Raises Funds for Alpacas and Caregivers
The Alpaca community raises funds for research, health care, and rural community development in economically challenged regions of Peru.

Junior Entrepreneur: Young Alpaca Owner Wins Top FTA Honors
When it comes to an entrepreneurial spirit and youthful zeal, Austin Bougie has the right stuff.

USAHA Annual Meeting Wrap Up
Industry reps from across the U.S. discuss interstate shipment of healthy animals and to develop plans to prevent and eradicate animal disease.

Intestinal Parasite Control Program
When it comes to internal parasite prevention, one size fits all does not work. Follow these steps to tailor a program for your specific needs.

Curvature: Is It Crimp?
Crimp, curvature, crinkle - how important are they reall? A thought provoking discussion in the continuing debate.

New Study Examines Potential Ulcer Treatment for Llamas and Alpacas
Stomach ulcers lead to serious health complications, sometimes even death. But there is encouraging news from this new MAF study.

Hats Donated to Cancer Victims
Countless millions endure the ravages of chemotherapy. In a show of solidarity, Alpaca fibre artists unite to create hats for cancer patients.

Why I'm Sporting Another Poncho
A look at a fashion statement that continuously reinvents itself: the ubiquitous poncho.

Gallery: Hats, Scarves, Sweaters
The final installment of a long running column that spotlights handcrafted Alpaca products. Check out that lizard sweater!

Knitter's Nook: Loon Pillow and Chick Pattern
The Common Loon, a lake bird whose haunting cry is a symbol of nature's wildness, is featured in this creative knitting project.

Felter's Forum: Needle Felted Hats
Spruce up your Spring wardrobe! Create an exquisite hat by using a soft hat form, some Alpaca fibre, and specialized needles.

Weaver's Wisdom: handwoven Bags
In every culture, making and using containers to carry things is a part of everyday life. Explore some of the most common examples.

Crochet Corner: Wall Organizer
New column by an award winning fiber artist. Learn the basics by starting out with a wall hanging and matching pen holder.

Kids and Fiber: Educational Displays
The challenge: create an educational display for young people that tells the Alpaca story.

ARI Stats
Monitor the numeric growth of ARI registered Alpacas.