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We have available for sale, the Summer 2004 back issue edition of the Alpacas Magazine. This Summer 2004 issue of the Alpacas Magazine has been previously read, but is in good and complete condition. If you are interested in purchasing this magazine, please be sure to contact us.

Alpacas Magazine Summer 2004 Front Cover
Alpacas Magazine Summer 2004 Back Cover
Alpacas Magazine Summer 2004 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Summer 2004 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Summer 2004 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Summer 2004 For Sale


Tips: Top Ten Tips for Avoding Vaccination Pitfalls
Vaccines should help - make sure they don't hurt.

Genetic Journal: Inherited Traits
FOur different effects on simply inherited traits.

Mistkaes: Stimulating Milk Production
What to do if your dam is not producing enough milk.

Husbandry Hints: Farm Equipment
You've brought the farm. Now get the tractor you've always wanted!

Camelidynamics: Q&A
Answers to the most frequently asked training questions.

Marketing Mix: Creating Value - Dealmakers
Give buyers the maximum value.

Taking Care of Business: Sales Tune Up
Marketing, converting leads to visitor to happy Alpaca owners.

Bean Counting: Things I Never Knew I Never Knew
long Term Captial Gains Status, Installment Sales, Bartering, Get That Barn You Always Wanted and Form W-9.

Legal Entities for Alpaca Ranch Stores
Pros and cons of sole proprietorship, corporations and partnerships.

Alpacas to the Rescue
Ecuadorains, Heifer Project, work to preserve delicate Andean zone and water supply.

How one breeder minimized risks to a cria during a period of extreme heat.

Return to Shady Glade
Do alpacas like water? The answer is a definite maybe!

Twenty Years and Growing
Can you believe it? The North American alpaca industry is 20 years old!

Traditional Costumes of Arequipa's Colca Valley
Elaborately embroidered alpaca clothing reflects historical influences and individual creativity.

Homeschooling with Alpacas
Everything a child needs to know can be learned on the farm.

The North American Suri Alpaca
Creating successful breeding programs and maintaining genetic diversity necessary for the long-term vigor of the Suri industry.

4-H: The Alpaca Connection
Examples of successful 4-H clubs and instructions on how to start a club of your own!

VET, VET, Where can one find a Vet?
Can't find a vet? Always have a back-up plan.

Almost a Phantom
Thanks to love and care, "Phantom" the cria survives a seven month ordeal with a broken leg.

Peruvian Slings
A striking work of art, as well as a useful tool for Peruvian Alpaca herders.

Fiber Tips: Strike Up A Cord?
Cording is a great way to use leftover yarn to make colorful belts and other accessories.

Kids and Fiber: Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid
A way-KOOL way to add color to any fiber project.

Pattern Preview: Frosty Flavors Hat
A real low fat, but full of fiber ice-cream cone.

Knitter's Nook: Ladder Diamond Lace Table Runner
Try out lace knitting with this simple table runner pattern.For adventurous intermediates.

Felter's Forum: Dyeing and Needle-Felting a Suri Wallhanging
Sure luster makes dyed colors sing. A pile of dyed locks inspired these colorful hangings.

Fiber Characteristics of U.S. Huacaya Alpacas
An objective study of important alpaca fiber properties. A landmark study which will guide the alpaca fiber industry for years to come.

Does Your Alpaca eat Dirt?
Your alpaca may be eating more sand than you think. Here's what to do in case your 'paca develops a case of sand colic.

Intestinal Parasite Control Program
Intestinal parasites and what to do about them.