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We have available for sale, the Winter 2005 back issue edition of the Alpacas Magazine. This Winter 2005 issue of the Alpacas Magazine has been previously read, but is in good and complete condition. If you are interested in purchasing this magazine, please be sure to contact us.

Alpacas Magazine Winter 2005 Front Cover
Alpacas Magazine Winter 2005 Back Cover
Alpacas Magazine Winter 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Winter 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Winter 2005 For Sale
Alpacas Magazine Winter 2005 For Sale


MAF Honor Roll Program: A Way To Recognize That Special Vet
Looking for a way to recognize a special veterinarian? Consider the MAF Veterinarian Honor Roll Program.

Camelidynamics: Go Take a Hike - The Virtues of Obstacles
Trust between human and Alpaca is built through bonding experiences where both have to trust one another to succeed.

Husbandry Hints: Climate Controlled Alpaca Stalls
With Winter's fury bearing down, follow these steps to protect the young and weak members of your herd.

Taking Care of Business: Adding Value to Young Males
Had a string of male crias this year? Don't get discouraged! Learn how you can improve the marketability of most males.

Marketing Magic: Fifteen Minutes of Marketing Magic
Giving your customer more than he expects, when he leasts expects it, will cause your clients to really take notice of your Alpaca operation.

2005 F2F conference
Ready to learn much more about the fleece processing and end product creation aspects of our industry? Then the F2F is your ticket!

Labor Saving Farm Gadgets
How does a one handed gate latch or a rake that sweeps sound? Try out these and other innovative aids to common farmyard tasks.

Vertical Integration: Merchant Credit Card Acceptance
Learn the ins and outs of merchant card accounts in this in-depth look at credit card acceptance programs.

The Case for Crimp
Crimp - is it an important element in the breeding equation, or not? Read one long-time breeder's view.

An Artist Among Us
Capturing the essence of an Alpaca on canvas requires preparation and cultivated talent.

Intro To Stud Services
Need to contract for stud services? In this first of a three part series, alpaca breeder Jan Prokop shares his secrets of success.

The Camelid Community Symposium
Reports on the the Camelid Community Sympossium complete with the latest on the National Animal Identification System. A must-read for all U.S. Alpaca owners.

Past Lives
What do a jockey, rock 'n' roll musician, a military veteran, and a former politician have in common? Easy: Alpacas. Believe it or not!

Alpaca Genome Project
Two years into a three-year research study with implications for every alpaca breeder in the World, let's check in on the Alpaca Genome Project.

Alpaca Christmas and Knitter's Night Before Christmas
Two variations on a theme to usher in the holiday season: both spoofs of the Clement Moore classic with an Alpaca twist.

Alpaca Gallery: keep Warm This Winter
Cold weather gear from baby jumpers to snuggly scarves and wooly socks, even a holiday gnome to warm the cackles of your heart!

Knitter's Nook: Sideways Garter Stitch Hats with Dahlias
Traditional ski hats, with a twist. For that added fashion statement, embellish with a make believe dahlia ... or not!

Felter's Forum: Felting Takes Flight
Just when you think you've heard of all types of Alpaca fiber products, something new appears on the fashion scene.

Weaver's Wisodm: South American Heritage Textiles
Feel connected to the Ancient Ones by making your own heritage garment.

Pattern Preview: Winter Wonderland Wrap
Affectionately nicknamed the "Snowflake Wrap", this lighter-than-air accessory is certain to be the envy of all the Holiday and Wintertime parties!

Fiber Tips: Winter is the Time to Card and Spin
Winter is a great time to get to those long overdue fiber projects. Follow these helpful hints to make the job more enjoyable.

2004 Louisville National Conference Review
Relive the highlights of the 2004 National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky with extensive conference recaps.