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Alpaca at the Beach with Pink Flamingos

Snowflake the Alpaca lives on an Alpaca farm located in the state of Maine. Snowflake and her fellow Alpacas love to run and play in the snow, but last year was particularly a very cold and snowy winter in Maine. By the time late January had arrived, Snowflake the Alpaca was starting to dream of sunshine and warmer weather. She had just finished her breakfast, and decided to do some online research for a little vacation to get away from the cold winter of Maine. Snowflake had found a nice little spot down in Florida that caught her attention, so she ordered her plane tickets, and off she went on the next flight that was Florida bound.

Upon arriving in Florida, Snowflake the Alpaca had set off to find the perfect secluded beach with soft sand and palm trees for shade. Finally, Snowflake was able to soak in the warm sun and breathe in the ocean air. The pink flamingos who lived at the beach were amazed to see an Alpaca walking by them. They approached Snowflake and welcomed her to Florida. The pink flamingos made quick friends with Snowflake and they spent the day walking along the shoreline with her. Snowflake shared stories about her home in Maine with the pink flamingos and they in turn shared information about their home and other places to see in Florida during her vacation. The sun was starting to set, and it was time to return to the hotel, but she promised to see the flamingos again during her vacation. Snowflake the Alpaca had really enjoyed her day at the beach with her new pink flamingo friends.