Young Light Brown Alpaca Group of Alpaca located in Williamston Michigan Brown Alpaca from Peru

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A short video showing Alpaca being taken for a walk on the grounds of the Lingholm Estate and then for a dip in the Derwent Water. The Lingholm Estate is located in the Lake District area of England and the Alpaca are part of the Alpacaly Ever After herd which is comprised of rescued Alpacas and Llamas.

If you ever find yourself traveling near the Lingholm Estate, the Alpaca of Alpacaly Ever After are available for a meet and greet, including the opportunity for taking them along for a walk and a chance to help out with feeding them. For more information and details about the Alpacas of Alpacaly Ever After, please be sure to visit their web site at

Source of Video: - Uploaded by Tomf00l